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managed professionally so you can celebrate. 


Every day is a celebration!

Let's celebrate life - celebrate love. 

Let's stop time together -  to create a moment in time to celebrate & smile

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I LOVE weddings & events.

I KNOW weddings & events.

I’m here to help you with the details and logistics of your special event so you can celebrate stress-free!

Let’s start your event planning now.


You focus on being in the moment,
I will focus on logistics.

Christa McLean Events
will make your event amazing. 

From helping to set up the proposal, assisting with full planning for your wedding day or entire wedding weekend from the beginning to month-of coordination;

I'm here for you. 

Constructing a great timeline and working through planning logistics is my JAM! During events, it all goes by so fast... So I want you to focus on celebrating and I'll focus on making sure everything is amazing. I'll focus on what needs to be done and who needs to be where so you can be in the moment and cherish every moment.

By booking Christa McLean Events to help with your wedding or event, you are bringing on an event pro who will listen to what you want, help you build you dream day, and be there to talk through any stressors so they are eliminated (like timeline from morning to night, timeline coordination with other vendors, venue layout and flow, going over pros and cons of even personal preference items, etc.)!

... Let's do this.

Now Booking Summer 2023 and 2024 weddings and events


Our Expertise




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